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Fractional COO's for Businesses

We take elevating our clients seriously.

Our fractional COO services are designed for life science companies that want to improve their operational excellence, program management, and technology implementation & transformation. We understand the challenges and opportunities that life science companies face when scaling up to meet market demands. With our ScalingMethod™️, we help life science companies exceed their customer's expectations while remaining compliant with industry regulations.


If you're ready to take your life science company to the next level, contact us today. We'll pair you with one of our expert consultants who will help you achieve your business goals.

Our Clients

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What is a COO?
Chief Operations Officer

What We Do

What We Do

People | Process | Technology

As our clients grow they often encounter operational challenges that they are looking to overcome:

  • People unsure of their role in the organization

  • Job descriptions written on post-it notes

  • Reoccurring quality issues

  • Challenges with supply-chain

  • Unneeded escalations

This is where our Fractional Chief Operations Officer  (COO) services can help.  We take the pressure off of the executive team and work with your staff to build a robust plan to overcome key challenges your organization is facing.  Unlike other consulting firms we are focused on starting where you are and improving performance over time.  

What is a COO?

A Chief Operations Officer (COO) is responsible for daily operations of the company and routinely reports to the CEO.

The CEO is the visionary and creative in the business, while the COO is intended to be the integrator who tactically makes the vision of the CEO come to life.


  • The CEO focuses on the growth of the business.

  • The COO is responsible for making sure that the plans, people, processes, and projects are in alignment with the mission and values of the business.


A COO will allow the executive team to spend more time on the business and less time on the 'busyness."

Additionally, here is a YouTube video that explains what a COO is and how having a COO can help your company grow.

Business Meeting

Quality & Process Improvement

Expert Guidance

Quality and Process improvement can be a  key differentiator for life science organizations operating in today’s complex and global healthcare landscape.


New commercial models, outsourcing to low-cost countries, and increasingly complex and varied regulatory requirements across different markets are just a few of the challenges facing today’s innovators.


We help our clients by:

  • Streamlining processes and optimizing workflows 

  • Improving data management and analytics 

  • Supplier management and quality systems

  • Product quality remediation & Audit support


By focusing on these key areas, we are able to help our life science clients create a more efficient and effective organization capable of meeting the challenges of the global healthcare landscape.

Program Management

The Path to Success

From major capital projects and transformations to strategic initiatives of all types and complexities, 5280 Life Science Consulting Project Management Office (PMO) services can help you control and monitor variables throughout a project’s life cycle to keep it on track and delivering against its objectives.


PMOs are particularly helpful in organizing, clarifying direction, and ensuring that you are working on the right thing. Our PMO services also help improve focus, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

We help clients develop:

  • Methodologies and standards 

  • Processes and mechanisms for risk management

  • Project Selection with clear demand management

  • Change management practices

Campaign Pitch

Technology Implementation & Transformation

A Comprehensive Approach

As companies grow, so does the need for systems and tools that will support your business. Picking tools that will boost performance today and grow with you is absolutely key.


We help companies with their most ambitious projects to improve existing systems or build new capabilities. From initial solution requirements to vendor selection through successful implementation.


We help our clients: 

  • Build clear selection criteria

  • Work with vendors to achieve the most favorable price

  • Clearly define requirements and outputs

  • Implement solutions with clear timelines and goals


Fraser Black.jpeg

Fraser Black - CEO - at Crop Health and Protection Limited

Don is one of the few leaders that can apply exceptional operational skills to deliver better business success. During our shared time at GE Healthcare Life Sciences Don's ability to lead the drive for business improvement was critical in growing core business profitability while improving the organisations service professionalism. Don championed customer impact by leading operational change that delivered better service. He was instrumental in improving the organisations operational effectiveness to meet customer needs profitably. I have no hesitation in recommending Don.

Don Davis Corporate Photo copy.jpg

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