• Donald Davis

High Performance Teams – NASCAR Pitcrew

“What sets apart high-performance teams is the degree of commitment, particularly how deeply committed the members are to one another.” – Jon Katzenbach

In NASCAR in the 80’s the average pitstop took 34 seconds. Today the best pit crews complete a pitstop in 12.2 seconds. Getting pit stops right can help you win a race and the high-performance teams of NASCAR provide a structure that can be modeled in business.

Why does it matter? The cars in NASCAR travel ~200 miles MPH Roughly 300 ft/sec 43 seconds per lap

Changing a tire On average the guy operating the air wrench has to hit each lug nut in 1-1.2 seconds. Missing one lug nut will add .3 seconds If they miss one lug nut every pitstop it will mean the difference between 1st and 21st place

How did NASCAR build High Performing Teams? They hired the right people for the job – i.e. they have recruited professional athletes in some cases for certain positions based on core competencies of the position Everyone has clear roles and responsibilities There is one leader and the team knows what to focus on They train in the gym and practice at the wall for things to go right and what to do when things go wrong They review, tweak and take coaching They are all committed to each other

The items above pertain to everyone on a high performing team in business or in NASCAR.

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