• Donald Davis

How A Hero’s Journey is similar to the Life Sciences Journey

The Hero’s Journey should not be unfamiliar to many of us in Life Sciences. The path that most technologies, leaders, and companies follow is the hero’s journey.

In Life Science, there are a variety of reasons each individual starts their journey. I have often found that for most people there is a fundamental personal reason why they want to get into Life Science, Med Device, or Healthcare. On the Life Science Success podcast, you can often hear the Hero’s Journey playing out in the stories shared by many of the guests. Rather than a call to adventure, the personal reason most people cite is that someone (mother, brother, father etc.) was impacted by the thing that they are going after.

Recently I published this diagram on LinkedIn about the financing lifecycle:

The most important part in step #1 with your friends & family is you need to get to work on the STORY. In part #2, you start telling your story to the audience of ANGEL INVESTORS. In part #3, you are starting the transition of the story in working through DISTRIBUTION. Lastly, in part #4, as you build PR you need other people to start HELPING you tell the story.

The saddest thing I have seen is when I ask a new life science company to see their “one-pager” and they hand back a technical paper. If you hope to get funding and want people to invest in your passion, you need to make your Hero’s Journey one everyone can cheer for.

If you need help thinking through how to simplify your message and how to build your one-pager or want someone to review your pitch deck, contact me. I have sat through quite a few presentations and I would be happy to provide feedback.

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