• Donald Davis

“I feel the need, the need for speed”

Don Davis PhD, MBA

Today’s post is centered around the speed that organizations move or in a larger organization the slow pace at which an organization moves or changes direction. Most large organizations change direction about as fast as an aircraft carrier can turn 90 degrees. The hierarchy and decision-making processes make it a challenge. If you are a large company are you destined to always being slow to change?

  1. Can your organization redeploy talent quickly to meet a shift in the environment?

  2. Have you launched a new business or launched a product rapidly to meet demand?

  3. When improving productivity or shifting operations has it been completed in less than a week?

There are several methods that organizations can use to meet each one of these challenges:

Talent Deployment – Keep teams and decision making processes small. Making decisions in a distributed fashion with clear rules so that teams can keep moving. Jeff Bezos implemented the idea of two pizza teams where teams could not be bigger than what you can feed with two pizzas.

Rapid Product Launch – The lean startup that was well described by Eric Ries illustrates how to first develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) who will provide anchor points in the product development process.

Improve Productivity – Lean VSM (Value Stream Map) and a solid kaizen (change for the better) plan will allow you to kaizen one week followed by having the new process in place.

How would you design your organization so that it is made to move?

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