• Donald Davis

Innovation – Jobs to be Done (JTBD)

In Clayton Christensen’s book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, he describes two parts of the Dilemma:

  1. Value to innovation is an S curve that takes a lot of iterations.

  2. Incumbents have the luxury of customers but high expectations of annual sales.

Related to both of these dilemmas, products can be developed that miss the mark and one way to hang on to the incumbent spot, as well as improve the value to innovation s curve, is to use tools like Customer Journey Mapping and Jobs to be done.

Jobs to be done is a tool with three elements:

  1. A description of the situation

  2. An explanation of the motivation

  3. The expected result

Taking an ethnographic approach and reviewing with the intended customers (each persona) not only their answers to the questions but also stepping through why are they looking for a solution to the situation, motivation and expected results at several levels.

On a worksheet, you will list the personas first, what role or persona is purchasing, using, or consuming your solution. In the second column, you list the “When I” or Customer tasks. The third column will list out the motivation or what outcome they are looking for. Lastly, what is the expected result that your customer has from using your solution? Along the way, the customer journey should be captured because it will provide a deeper insight into why they are making choices.

I have created a worksheet that can be used in developing your own Jobs to be done analysis:

Jobs to be done Template

If you choose to do this, I would propose that you conduct customer interviews in pairs. A 60-120 min interval should be used for each interview. The template will help guide you and allow you the opportunity to gather input from your customers that will help guide your development.

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