• Donald Davis

People, How You Will Get Things Done

The company vision established where you are going. The individuals that you hire at a base level need to support the company values. You will need people to get the work done

Common company values are Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Ingenuity and Respect.

When you hire someone at a base level you are hiring them for their talent and what they have done. How they get things done are things that you need to evaluate for through the values these individuals demonstrate in their words and actions.

The first action for the company leadership is to decide what values are the most important values that support your vision and mission of the company.

After having your initial values everyone in the company that currently exists should be rated against the values. One way to do this in a simple fashion is to list each executive’s name and then on a scale of 0-5 rate each executive for their level of demonstration of each of the values.

Note: Not everyone is expected to rate highly against all values. Having a mix of talents, backgrounds and values helps to create differing opinions. These differing opinions are important in every company. Caution flags should be raised when you cannot find a particular value in the statements that someone uses that you are considering hiring.

I recently read a LinkedIn post that described the Japanese term GAN which translates to Cancer. This cancer is a description of individuals who only think of themselves. They achieve for themselves and this type of cancer can quickly kill a new company. Within your consideration of values finding individuals that are passionate about your company and mission.

The biggest thing that will prevent an organization from being able to grow will be if you have too many people that are focused on themselves rather than the vision of the company. Additionally, you have to have people who are actually getting work done. We will talk about goals in another chapter but having actual targets based on what needs to get done is critical. You also need people who are able to understand the goal and that will do the work to achieve their portion of the goal.

Managing people is hard work especially in an era of being able to show up virtually. Just because someone writes you an email it does not mean that they are working hard on completing the activities that need to get done. Break down what needs to get done with your employees. Have the employee create a timeline for getting the work done and check in on what they are getting done.

You want people who are motivated by the vision of the company. Having a plan to get the work done also means that the leader needs to listen to why, if the work is not getting done. In my broad experience in leading people sometimes there are underlying reasons why things are not getting done that are valid leadership challenges that leaders need to understand. I have never been one to accept excuses but people that legitimately are overwhelmed by what they need to do may just need a little help.

The final and most important part of leading people is leadership. In the organizations I have worked with I have seen extremely poor leaders. Examples to watch out for are yelling at their people, being entirely reactionary, not having faith in their people, lack of direction, not listening, and lack of transparency. Putting someone in charge that strongly reflects any of these items will rapidly lead to lower performance from the rest of the team and may cause good people to leave the organization. In leading the organization you need to be aware and rapidly fix any issues that are caused by poor leadership.

The antithesis of these poor leadership traits are the following list of 8 leadership traits (Isaacs 2020):

  1. Be confident, passionate and positive

  2. Plan

  3. Be Responsible

  4. Motivate and Be Humble

  5. Understand Your Team

  6. Embrace Workers of All Ages and Cultures

  7. Provide Appropriate Resources

  8. Communicate at All Levels

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